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I want to maintain "relative" cell references instead of "absolute" cell references (i shall invent this terminology in Excel world if it does not yet exists).Another possible alternative that I cannot get it to work is the option to paste cell "values" only.Example: A1 contains (and is functioning/resolving) I do this and then i slightly modify the new copy of formulas via replacements and other means.(So i need them functional and not paste special - links) Currently, I just replace . Cut and paste the range from the new workbook to the new range in the original workbook.Excel treats "values" as calculated values rather than the actual formulas in the cell.If I choose paste formula, it still gives absolute references.I want to copy formulas with relative references to another range without changing the formula / updating those relative references.

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The dollar signs force Excel to keep pointing to A1 while you fill other cells.

The solution, of course, is to make sure that all the references within the selection are absolute before doing the copy and paste. Formula, _ xl A1, , xl Absolute) Next c Application. Formula, _ xl A1, , xl Relative, c) Next c Application.

Making the changes to the formulas by hand is tedious. Screen Updating = True End Sub Once this macro is run, you can copy and paste the selection without Excel doing any updating to references. Screen Updating = True End Sub This macro will change all formulas in the selected range to their relative equivalent.

This just means that when you fill the formula down, the references will change incrementally from A1, B1 to A2, B2 and so on, like this: =SUM(A1, B1) =SUM(A2, B2) =SUM(A3, B3) Other times you don't want the references to other cells to change.

For example, let's say that you wanted the first reference, A1, to stay fixed and B1 to change as you drag the fill handle.

But the "absolute" referencing is giving a lot of trouble. You want to copy sheet 1 from WBA into WBB and you want it to copy the formulas relative to WBB rather than WBA. For me, it was always "the last sheet" but one was named 'Min Flow' and the other was named 'Normal Flow'.

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