Dating perserverance


Twenty years later, a skeleton falls out of a wall in Pliny’s villa, bearing mute witness to family secrets and crimes.

This is simply because people are different, and our attitudes, moods and circumstances change by the minute.A reality where you can't count on anyone really but yourself, and that if you are in a position of "needing" someone, you'll get hurt or disappointed in the end.This way of thinking has likely been a driver in my career, as I was relentless in my pursuit to become independent and okay "on my own." My mantra was to always have a back up plan in case the first plan or person you are counting on falls through.Her husband Stan cheered loudly, standing with both hands in the air.Exiting the stage, she looked up, pointed to Stan and blew a kiss. They both knew this moment was a joint victory for them, the culmination of a “steady persistent course of action…in spite of difficulties and discouragement” [perseverance, Webster’s dictionary]. I joined the Friday Five Link Up to explain why I am supporting the American Heart Association in the Lawyers Have Heart 10K this weekend.

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