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The charges included indecent assault, blackmail, the production and dissemination of child abuse material, fraud and computer intrusion. He gained their trust by engaging in chat conversations with them, where he pretended to be a boy or a girl."[Coban] subsequently abused this trust.

The NCA said Coban had targeted more than 20 UK victims. In many cases he was able to persuade the girls to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam."The statement continued: "Later, [Coban] would contact the girls again and demand they perform new 'shows' for him in front of a webcam."If they refused, he would threaten to send images to people they knew or to post pictures on porn sites. "He did not stop at threats: If a girl did not comply with his demands, [Coban] did not hesitate to actually send sexual images to the family and friends of the victims or to post those images on the internet."It is clear this can have a major impact on the personal development of young girls."It comes after the NCA last year reported a dramatic rise in the number of people being targeted in similar cases of webcam blackmail, also known as "sextortion".

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He also faces extradition from Holland to Canada accused of blackmailing 15-year-old Amanda Todd, who took her own life in 2012 after posting a You Tube video recounting her ordeal.During his trial, the court heard how Coban told one young girl he was trying to blackmail: "All hell will break loose. The agency said four British men had already killed themselves in the UK after becoming victims.Verona van de Leur (born December 27, 1985) is a retired Dutch artistic gymnast and adult film performer.Verona should have won gold on the floor exercise finals, but by a mistake of the jury took her 1/10 point that they eventually had to settle for a 3rd place.VISIT DUTCH HOT 100 - DE POPULAIRE SITES VAN NEDERLAND De grootste!With the Dutch team she surprising took the fifth place in the World Championship in Ghent.

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