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The majority of my photos online are distorted and people think I deserve that. KB: It's called "I AM MY OWN DAUGHTER" and tells the story of Eyelet March, a haunted young Black American woman from Harlem who flies airplanes delivering furniture at night and has no fear of death. But the book actually deals with the way cultures, communities and neighborhoods commit suicide--not as individuals, but as groups themselves. I'm appalled at the propaganda in Black America portraying Israel as exclusively some racially oppressive anti-Black state.

I feel that historians will someday look back and be really shocked at how journalists, pundits and the U. government treated me, not to mention foreign corporations like ESPAC (Sudan) and Ludin Oil (Sweden) that are on record as financing the smear campaigns against me. LK: You've also recently self-published a book about your experiences in Israel called Undefeated. I flat out experienced more racism living in America than I did in Israel.

Kola Boof is the award winning author of "The Sexy Part of the Bible" and "Long Train to the Redeeming Sin," a book that put her life in danger in 2002.

Her latest release is "Undefeated: A North African Writer's Support for Israel." Loren Kleinman (LK): You've never been afraid to speak your truths, Kola.

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Hounsou was born and raised in Cotonou, Benin by his father and mother.

A few weeks ago, just days before I released a book explaining why I support Israel, I was mysteriously banned from both Facebook and Twitter with no explanation. I had to get an attorney and sue them to get my accounts back, but both accounts were restored right before the book came out. I even have my own birther's movement--people claiming I was born in Nebraska and not Africa--or bullies claiming I was born a man and not a woman.

There are activists that regularly hack my website and videos. I was treated by Israelis with love and healing when I lived there.

Well now we have the strangely fabulous and daring Kola Boof (she's a sexy feminist literary babe slash African warrior girl slash historian) and she's already getting death threats by the ton! Miss Boof claims it's because she was adopted and raised by Black Americans. In her native Sudan, they recently told her that if she ever tries to return, she will be killed on the spot (Ms. John Garang's SPLA in an effort to end Arab-Islamic slavery and oppression of Black Africans in Sudan).

She credits her teen years in the lower class Anacostia Park section of Washington D. Born on the Nile River to archeologist Harith Bin Farouk (an Arab-Egyptian of "hemetic" ancestry) and his only wife Jiddi (a blue black Gisi-Waaq princess of Somalia's Oromo nomads), Kola Boof came to America after her parents were murdered by "the murhaleen" (because her father, Arab-Islamic himself, spoke out against the slavery he had witnessed).

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