Updating app config

It's not about respawning, it about scale the number of instances, and no, I can't do this since I can't change the configuration to point to newly assembled assets (or marathon will trigger a full restart which are not acceptable).

I would like to know how you deal with configurations in situations where the configuration files need to be customized and you want to maintain automatic upgrade scenarios. In Windows C#, reasonable approaches to storing user settings include: 1.But what happens if you want to change the values that your application is using while the application is running? Normally, the application configuration file is read once, at start-up.So your settings are cached away by the Configuration Manager.If you have a JSS v9.81 or earlier in your environment and have an App Store app that is in an unresponsive state, you will need to manually remove and reinstall it.If you need assistance or have questions, contact your Technical Account Manager.There is currently no clean way of applying the changed settings (memory, cpu shares, env variables etc) other than restarting the process.

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