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Tongaat-Hulett Sugar, whose internal phone records show several calls were made on Chetty's line to ABC Telesales of Port Shepstone and Durban-based Thrust Telesales between September and December last year, this week laid claim to a tape recording of a portion of Chetty's alleged conversation with the chat lines.

Deon van den Berg, the general manager of the Darnall mill, said if the caller had just paid the husky-voiced women for their services, it was likely that his "habit" would never have seen the light of day.

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Hello to all our friends who are into our 'sugar mummies whatsapp group chat'.

For past two (2) months now we started the group, a lot of people has gotten connection to not just sugar mummy, but to mummies who has what it takes to be sugar mimmy.

Actually I totally disagree about E-sex, phone sex etc...basically with all of it you are mind-fvcking yourself..since you know yourself you set the other person up to be a disappointment if you met cause when you think of a touch or a kiss (keeping it pg) you know what you like and image it that way and then you have them touch or kiss you and the human element of their touch or kiss being different...harder, softer, or whatever and at that point you are disappointed.

As far as just getting off, some can become more emotionally attached cause they let down their guard. OP, sad to say but the answer to your question is 'yes'.

We are just a smaller group and apparently hard to find!!!

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