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Tomorrow, Boursicot will take Bertrand down to his family in Brittany and show him off. You can see at a glance that he is of mixed blood, but it is clear to Boursicot the boy has his own wide face, his brown eyes, his adventuresome spirit. And in press reports, Bernard Boursicot, as he has always wanted to be, becomes a man of extraordinary distinction: the man who made love to another man for 18 years and did not know.

Boursicot is less proud of Bertrand's mother, the Beijing opera singer Shi Pei Pu. IT IS DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE A MORE EXCITING PLACE FOR A western adventurer to be in than the People's Republic of China in 1964.

There is a little alarm that goes off in us, a small inner voice that senses danger.

And on Thursday, June 30, 1983, on a busy commercial street in Paris, Bernard Boursicot -- an attache in the French Foreign Service who has always dreamed of being a man of distinction -- is hearing that alarm in his head. Usually Boursicot returns to Paris after being posted abroad the way a hungry man sits down at the table.

Old friends, good food, all-night bars, the possibility of a brief and amusing love affair -- he approaches it all with cheerful greed.

But this morning, walking down Avenue Bosquet on the Left Bank, all Boursicot feels is the tension.

Women's rights in Saudi Arabia are limited in comparison to many of its neighbors.

The World Economic Forum's 2016 Global Gender Gap Report ranked Saudi Arabia 141 out of 144 countries for gender parity, However, women's status has changed in recent decades.

Feminists of the early 20th century reshaped the very fabric of American culture with one simple message: equality for all.He tries fighting it, telling himself he should feel good.After waiting for years, he has been able to get his 16-year-old son, Shi Du Du -- or as he prefers to call him, Bertrand -- out of China. The courts order a physical examination of Shi Pei Pu, who is found to be a normal man.Skeptics of the bridge’s integrity refused to walk across, not believing it fully complete.After careful inspection of its sturdy foundation and numerous scientific studies, the bridge of opportunity was declared safe for passage.Gender roles in Saudi society come from Sharia (Islamic law).

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