Pros of dating your best friend

These wild horses of my mind must be tracked down, captured, and tucked away in the Mika Jolie lives in New Jersey with her Happy Chaos — her husband and their energizer bunnies.

Moreover, you – well – you are still in a state of frenzy.

On that same note, you'll be aware of his bad fashion sense, his corny jokes, and his strange fondness for period pieces before you start dating him.

Heck, you might even love him all the more for the quirks you would find annoying in anybody else.

Contrary to this myth, my friendship with Coriander Phillips does not rest on unrequited love or un-actualized lust.

As a friend, he will not only be aware of your personal weaknesses, but he will know how to respond to them in a way that is constructive to the relationship and to your desire to improve yourself.'Among adults currently in a romantic relationship, the vast majority (83 per cent) considered their current partner to be their best friend.For those who are currently married, the rate was even higher. I should have put an end to these crazy thoughts from the beginning, but I entertained them . When she’s not weaving life and romance into evocative tales, you can find her on a hiking adventure, apple picking, or whatever her three men can conjure up. Connect with Mika on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon.Suddenly it strikes you that she is the one for you! And now you love her more than anything else in the world!

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