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diffstat: lldb-netbsd/Makefile | 2 - lldb-netbsd/distinfo | 3 - ..._Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net | 61 ---------------------- ...ce_Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net BSD.h | 2 - 4 files changed, 2 insertions( ), 66 deletions(-) diffs: diff --git a/lldb-netbsd/Makefile b/lldb-netbsd/Makefile index 75e0017d4e..6924027231 100644 --- a/lldb-netbsd/Makefile b/lldb-netbsd/Makefile @@ -5,7 5,7 @@ CATEGORIES= lang devel SVN_REPOSITORIES= lldb SVN_REPO.lldb= -SVN_REVISION.lldb= 303743 SVN_REVISION.lldb= 303965 MAINTAINER= pkgsrc-users%Net [email protected] HOMEPAGE= diff --git a/lldb-netbsd/distinfo b/lldb-netbsd/distinfo index 1b541dd7aa..7af8e585c2 100644 --- a/lldb-netbsd/distinfo b/lldb-netbsd/distinfo @@ -13,7 13,6 @@ SHA1 (llvm-3.6.2tar.xz) = 7a00257eb2bc9431e4c77c3a36b033072c54bc7e RMD160 (llvm-3.6.2tar.xz) = 521cbc5fe2925ea3c6e90c7a31f752a04045c972 Size (llvm-3.6.2tar.xz) = 12802380 bytes SHA1 (patch-source_Plugins_Object File_ELF_Object File ELF.cpp) = 76d47d654951d36dc493611dfa636c1dcff0c3af -SHA1 (patch-source_Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net BSD.cpp) = 776e0826e3c780a4a5d28009ec772a00bcece87b -SHA1 (patch-source_Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net BSD.h) = adc83b19e793491b1c6ea0fd8b46cd9f32e592fc SHA1 (patch-source_Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net BSD.cpp) = adc83b19e793491b1c6ea0fd8b46cd9f32e592fc SHA1 (patch-source_Plugins_Process_elf-core_Process Elf Core.cpp) = cdfb65a14116c3bd3d3ad977328e2b0c4ae4f9aa SHA1 (patch-source_Plugins_Process_elf-core_Process Elf Core.h) = 510ab7ce38a7ec88375333eb1483d07d6be743b6 diff --git a/lldb-netbsd/patches/patch-source_Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net b/lldb-netbsd/patches/patch-source_Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net index 00447a5865..afc76512f4 100644 --- a/lldb-netbsd/patches/patch-source_Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net b/lldb-netbsd/patches/patch-source_Plugins_Process_Net BSD_Native Process Net @@ -1,63 1,2 @@ $Net BSD$ ---- source/Plugins/Process/Net BSD/Native Process Net orig 2017-05-24 .000000000 0000 - source/Plugins/Process/Net BSD/Native Process Net [email protected]@ -167,8 167,6 @@ Native Process Net BSD:: Native Process Net BSD - - // Handles all waitpid events from the inferior process.Pushed By: kamil Date: Fri May 26 2017 0200 Changeset: f559b4061fc07a3d34da958bd0c2e2a5042f1ae1 Modified Files: lld-netbsd/Makefile lld-netbsd/distinfo Removed Files: lld-netbsd/patches/patch-ELF_Input lld-netbsd/patches/patch-ELF_Input Section.h Log Message: lld-netbsd: Update to SVN r.303965 This revision contains merged patch for Net BSD.To see a diff of this commit: further reading, check: practice, this means that as soon as a security fix/update is committed to the OPENBSD_5_3 tree a package will be built from the CVS tree.This package is then being tested and pushed to our fan-out server over at Stable. I needed to get updates because I installed bash and didn't want to suffer from the Shellshock vulnerability, so I went with Holu's suggestion and it got me patched up.

More information on the Net BSD/pkgsrc website: Hope this helps!The various BSD systems have a very clear separation into "base system" and "3rd party software (ports/packages)". In the case of Open BSD, assuming you want to move from one stable release to the next stable release (jumping releases is not supported unless you make a fresh install), you start off by reading the specific FAQ for the upgrade you're performing.In the case of upgrading from 5.9 to 6.0, you read the "Upgrade Guide: 5.9 to 6.0".* ----- 13.14.0 The Asterisk Development Team has announced the release of Asterisk 13.14.0.The release of Asterisk 13.14.0 resolves several issues reported by the community and would have not been possible without your participation. The following are the issues resolved in this release: New Features made in this release: ----------------------------------- * ASTERISK-26630 - Make logging PJPROJECT messages a bit easier (Reported by Richard Mudgett) Bugs fixed in this release: ----------------------------------- * ASTERISK-26772 - Crash in srv.c on startup with pjsip (Reported by nappsoft) * ASTERISK-26704 - res_contains deprecated configuration: 'pooling', 'shared_connections', 'limit', and 'idlecheck' options were replaced by 'max_connections'.p=pkgsrc-wip.git;a=commitdiff;h=f559b4061fc07a3d34da958bd0c2e2a5042f1ae1 Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the copyright notices on the relevant files.

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