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And of course, some churches do it better than others, but the point remains that there is an , I was left in some ways flabbergasted by her blatant generalizations about single black church women and then equally disturbed by her many negative hackneyed expressions about the Black church which prompted me to say, “What is nuanced about her article that differentiates it from the numerous news stories about the doom and gloom of being a single black woman?” What makes it stand apart from the many decades of telling single black women and unwed black mothers that they are responsible for their singleness?You stop praying to God on your knees because you realize that knee time is reserved only for swallowing his manhood (I borrowed this from my crass godmother).Ultimately, you stop seeking God who gives you strength because at the end of the day all you need is a good black man to solve all your problems.

It was a sunny summer weekend, and other parents and their kids picnicked nearby—mothers munching berries and lounging on the grass, fathers tossing balls with their giddy toddlers.

And despite growing up in an era when the centuries-old mantra to get married young was finally (and, it seemed, refreshingly) replaced by encouragement to postpone that milestone in pursuit of high ideals (education! Oh, I know—I’m guessing there are single 30-year-old women reading this right now who will be writing letters to the editor to say that the women I know aren’t widely representative, that I’ve been co-opted by the cult of the feminist backlash, and basically, that I have no idea what I’m talking about.

And all I can say is, if you say you’re not worried, either you’re in denial or you’re lying.

You stop going to church because men are at home watching the football game.

You stop attending Bible study because all the things you need to know is found in the .

My friend and I, who, in fits of self-empowerment, had conceived our babies with donor sperm because we hadn’t met Mr.

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