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2 & 3 - Soporific Sonatakiryu - Undertale - In Another Time And 5-26GENTLE LOVE - Undertale - Ruins (I forgot I played this twice so recently, oops)Ritsuka Tachibana - Chrono Trigger - Wind Scene Drum Ultima - Final Fantasy VII - Holding Hands John Robert Matz - Chrono Trigger - Manoria Cathedral Jeremiah George ft.

Lollia - Undertale - ASGORE ~Orchestral Vocal Arrange~After Carroway died, it was hard to think straight.

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After a certain point it's hard to tell how much numbness is just a defense mechanism or just the result of so much pain for so long.

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Haven't made many posts, there hasn't been much to talk about, or I just haven't had the energy.

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