Dating russians in california


Charges that Soviet agents hid caches of weapons and sabotage equipment in the United States have also been made by Vasilii Mitrokhin, author of The Sword and the Shield, a 1999 book based on documents Mitrokhin smuggled out of the KGB archives in Moscow (see abstract 19990900).

Russian women are very kind, considerate and extremely feminine.If you were to ask a random guy on the street what he thinks of Russian women.He’d probably say one of (if not all) of the following: 1. They are high maintenance and ONLY looking for men with tons of money 3.Find breaking news, commentary, tips information about Russian brides.At a 25 January 2000 congressional hearing held in Los Angeles, California, a former Russian military intelligence officer repeated allegations that Soviet agents had hidden small atomic demolition munitions (ADMs) [sometimes referred to as 'nuclear suitcases'] at sites in the United States.[The caches uncovered in Western Europe, however, did not contain any nuclear weapons.] Lunev, who claims to have participated in the siting of such caches in the United States, told the hearing that he cannot provide their exact locations, because he only surveyed possible sites, which were then to be established by other agents.

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