Dating intimacy issues


Paradoxically, most people who fear emotional intimacy are really afraid of rejection, according to Margaret Paul, Ph.

D., co-creator of the Inner BondingĀ® process, in her article "Fear of Intimacy" in "Huffington Post." Individuals may feel unworthy in some capacity, believing that if they let their guards down, they are open to rejection.

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Think of the task as one of landing a rocket on the moon.

If you come in too fast with too much acceleration you'll crash land.

Some may seem obvious while others may make you pause in reflection.

There are a number of reasons that men develop a fear of intimacy.

It may die if you cease to coax it forward by sharing new things with your partner.

Likewise, it may die if you force it forward too fast, making yourself too vulnerable too quickly.

If you don't accelerate enough however, you'll remain in orbit and never get down.

You have to modulate how much information you share with your partner at any given moment so as to keep your interaction both playful and serious.

As a result, these individuals become wary of expressions of love.

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