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Thanks to Tinder, women are more aware than ever how many bad matches are out there.

But we're also getting better at weeding them out for the good ones.

He'll come off as being a sweetheart, but when it comes down to it, he always has his own agenda.

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Only to hear something like, “You’re such a great guy. I’ve seen men live up to their potential in their work and careers. I can’t say enough about how you have opened my eyes to how unconscious I have been.”"Dr.

But, these guys aren’t exactly the typical “bad boy” characters you see in movies and on (not so) reality TV.

They aren’t heartless womanizers, and they aren’t disrespectful. What differentiates this kind of guy from what we’d label a “nice guy” is his lack off interest and effort.

I'm a woman who's all about going out with nice guys. I'm not an anomaly of the XX chromosome, I'm not boring, overly domestic, and certainly not a prude. But after kissing a few frogs, I've learned the benefits of always choosing a heart of gold over a tall, dark, and handsome jerk. People tend to want what they can't have, or be attracted to a challenge (bad-boy appeal in a nutshell).

I'm just a girl who's done putting up with the BS and douchebaggery of bad boys. You think it's the heart talking, but it's not -- it's actually the ego; and it wants to you to think you're special, or that you can tame him and handle him like other girls couldn't. I definitely lived in the fantasy of falling in love with a deeply misunderstood soul, and believed for a while that I was the only extraordinary person who could get through to him. And if I couldn't have known that from the initial bumps we ran into early on, his multiple angry exes should have been strong indicators. It was hard, but I still came out of that relationship in one piece -- a big difference from the chaos that went down before.

Being nice is only righteous when it's backed by genuine kindness.

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