Consolidating lots


(4) The final map page shall contain the following approval blocks: (a) The King County Department of Assessments to be signed by the County Office of Records and Elections; and (b) The Community Development Department, to be signed by the Director or his/her designee. 53-02 § 2 (19A.28.030)) Prior to proceeding through the boundary line adjustment process, an applicant shall schedule a preapplication meeting.

At that time the Department will perform a conceptual review based upon the information brought in by the applicant, two weeks prior to the meeting. 53-02 § 2 (19A.28.040)) Verification that an approved boundary line adjustments has been recorded with the County Office of Records and Elections must be submitted to the City prior to issuance of any permit, or within one year of approval, whichever occurs first.

You can also contact your local Ministry of Transportation and infrastructure District Office for more help.

Every subdivision must be approved by an Approving Officer appointed under the Land Title Act.

Two or more but not all of the development lots in a community or precinct scheme or neighbourhood lots in a neighbourhood scheme may be consolidated in a plan of consolidation.

The plan must be lodged as a deposited plan and will be allocated the same number as the original plan.

Strata Title Subdivisions Controlled Access Highway Subdividing for Relatives Railway Crossings Pipelines Under Provincial Ministry Jurisdiction Pipelines Under National Energy Board Jurisdiction Air Space Parcels Islands Trust Area ALR Land Subdividing is a complex process involving many overlapping interests; depending on the size and complexity of your project, it can take many months to get from the idea stage to building.

If you are new to subdividing, we strongly suggest that you hire a practitioner to work with you on your proposal; you may choose a BC Land Surveyor, an engineer, or a development consultant.

53-02 § 2 (19A.28.010)) Adjustment of boundary lines between adjacent lots shall be consistent with the following review procedures, limitations and requirements of CMC Title 12 and the Design and Construction Standards adopted in Chapter 12.60 CMC: (1) Applications for boundary line adjustments shall be reviewed as a Type 1 permit as provided in Chapter 14.30 CMC. All persons having an ownership interest within the boundary line adjustment shall sign the final recording document in the presence of a notary public.

For rural subdivisions the Approving Officer is situated in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure district offices.

There are other authorities, held by local governments and agencies, that must be adhered to as well.

Back to top Generally a discharge document will be sent to you from the lending institution.

Forward the original discharge document along with the prescribed Land Title Fees to the Land Titles Office for registration. Back to top There are three common types of land ownership: Sole Ownership - either a person or a registered company is the sole owner of the land.

These are listed in detail in the Roles and Authorities section.

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