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He is also a stand-up comedian whose act revolves around his dysfunctional family and shocking life experiences.Titus was born in Castro Valley, California, to Ken and Juanita C. His parents divorced when he was a young child, and he was raised largely by his father, Ken, who had several relationships during his upbringing that provide comedic material for his routines.He is also credited as "TV's most original comic voice since Seinfeld" by Newsday and has got subsequently a large amount of fan following; especially on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.After enjoying huge success with TV shows like Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, Love is Evol, The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour, The Voice in My Head Angry Pursuit of Happiness and Neverlution, he set his foot on movies and has been in several of them.According to Titus in Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, Juanita was acquitted of murder in 1986 after killing her second husband who beat her when he came home to find that she wasn't done cooking Thanksgiving dinner.Eight years later, Juanita committed suicide after marrying another abusive man and being sent to court-ordered therapy for hurling a Duraflame log through the window of a Missouri sheriff's office. Slipped on some ice, hit his head, died on life support. And before the war starts, we make them all sit down. 'Cause you watch ESPN2 for a full day, you're gonna understand America a lot better.

Time called the show "brutal, hilarious and audacious", while Newsday called him "TV's most original comic voice since Seinfeld".Get Christopher Titus girlfriend, wife, ex-wife, romance, flings, wedding and divorce info. My lifetime hero is found out to be a serial rapist who makes me think Manson was unjustly accused. No more wars, no more shootings and prescription drug use is non-existent. Honestly it really is upsetting to watch the de-evolution of human beings. The new show, BORN WITH A DEFECT will relieve the stress. If you are childless it is the best birth control you will ever have. Thats after we finish filming Special Unit the Movie. If you're so far right that you actually believe that somebody who doesn't have a job and is not a citizen deserves to have their heart cut out and sold on e Bay, and you get to keep 80 percent of the profit - you're mentally ill. Here's the thing: If you're so far left you actually believe that somebody owes you a job, citizenship and a heart transplant, you're mentally ill. Born on the October of 1964, he was raised by his family of father Ken and mother Juanita C. He was made to live with his mentally disturbed, alcoholic father who won over his mother after their divorce.

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