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” “Why are nonbelievers so driven in comparison to Christian men when it comes to asking women out on a date?” There’s a few reasons to this: Men are inundated with choices when it comes to Christian dating.Recently on Twitter, pastor Bryan Mowrey posted what I thought were 10 helpful tips on dating. The spousal love of Jesus is the only love that completely satisfies & has no end! Instead of awkwardly retweeting all of them, I compiled them in this blog post and you can read them below.

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The women say why don't I have a boyfriend and there aren’t any good men left and the men are wondering why don't I have a girlfriend and where have all the great ladies gone. I hope you enjoy our daily posts and they bring you inspiration.

) But several guys got to know me over the weeks and eventually were comfortable enough to talk to me and ask me out.

The advantage to dating at your church is that it’s easy.

Consequently, porn addiction has exploded over the last decade and has left in its wake a plethora of broken...

Read More » The internet is booming with dating sites for all types of people. Brokenness is the flawed condition of humanity that creates a propensity for people to hurt themselves and others.

Credit for the first part of today’s meme goes to E. Stephens, who left this comment on Christian Dating Tips – the one to avoid: “I learned the hard way that you should never date a man who’s threatened by your intelligence.” It was too good not to meme.

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