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He is nearly a caricature of happiness, smiling when we have been conditioned to expect aggression, laughing when we expect seriousness.

The default response to success in a game of rage and combat is belligerence: an angry pose or a violent firing of the ball into the turf.

(Check her left pocket for the answer.)MEMORY QUIZ # 6 1- What fruit is shown on the window?

Memory Quiz # 9 Look at this picture from YOUNG CAM AND THE ZOO NOTE MYSTERY.

And yet here is the rarest of men: one who can throw his body into a snarling pile of large humans -- all gunning for him with malicious intent -- and emerge on the other side with a radioactive grin and a first down.

So at this point maybe you're wondering whether there's anything that hasn't been said about Cam Newton. He's so well-known nationally that he's been charged with the unenviable task of making yogurt look cool.

He did it without complaint, almost cheerfully, and before long the practice wasn't restricted to Fridays."He's enjoying this," Cecil told his wife, Jackie.

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