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After departing the show, Bridie Carter, now 45, continued as an actress and appeared in several television shows including Rescue: Special Ops, Wild Boys and 800 Words.

Her role on 800 Words was her biggest since Mc Leod's Daughters - the show recently signing a second season with Channel Seven.

Mc Leod’s Daughters’ golden couple, Nick (Myles Pollard) and Tess (Bridie Carter), will hit the road in June in what will be the biggest cast shake-up the series has seen.

Carter is taking a break from the drama after the birth of her first child, Otis, while Pollard is off to the US.

Two sisters running a cattle station, with a little help from three similarly bush savvy women “doing a man’s job, living in a man’s world”.

When Claire plunged to her death in 2003, sending Kleenex sales soaring and the Channel 9 switchboard into meltdown, Tess was left to carry on the family legacy alone.

The Mc Leod's Daughters writers stick closest to the concept of the season-end cliffhanger with a fire, an ill-advised kiss and a good old-fashioned shouting match.

Becky left to be with boyfriend Jake and Claire Mc Leod died at the end of the third season.

Bridie Carter (Tess), Simmone Jade Mackinnon (Stevie), Rachael Carpani (Jodi), Aaron Jeffery (Alex), and Myles Pollard (Nick) all return to the series main cast this season.

Unfortunately, their efforts are overshadowed by the unintentionally funny inclusion of something the network censors won't be too pleased about: pardon me, but when Jodi encounters the mysteriously moving rocking-chair, does she utter something that definitely shouldn't be heard in this time slot?

This is the first season to not feature Lisa Chappell as Claire Mc Leod and Jessica Napier as Becky Howard, as both actresses left the series in the third season.

Sonia Todd (Meg) returned to the main cast until her character left for Melbourne; she recurred thereafter.

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